Marketing And Psychology | 5 Psychology Tricks And Tips To Get You Started

Even those with a psychology studio can advertise and leverage marketing to attract more clients/patients. It is important to study an effective strategy, which takes into consideration different promotion channels. Here is the guide on marketing for psychologists with the 5 best tips in this area.

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1 – SWOT analysis

To define your strategic objectives, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the business’s current situation in which the business operates. In this regard, SWOT Analyzes, a particular type of analysis that takes into consideration strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is very useful.

This step, for those who want to understand how to promote the activity of psychologist, is important because it allows you to analyze previous experiences and understand which main specific skills you have, in addition to the type of patients with whom you have obtained the best results, your limits and what is the market demand. Not only that: SWOT Analyzes helps to understand how to find patients for psychologists also by providing an overview of the competition. Knowing if and, if so, how colleagues promote themselves can provide important information on how to behave in turn.

2 – Local SEO and Google ADS

One of the best marketing strategies for psychologists is to improve their visibility on Google and other search engines to position the study in evidence on competitors in local search results.

It is important to put into practice Local SEO strategies and techniques, starting with improving the Google My Business card. This is a free service designed by Google to help businesses be found better in search results and on Google Maps, giving the same businesses the ability to verify and edit the information users see when they do a local search for them.

It should be remembered that, in many cases, it is appropriate to combine SEO with a series of paid practices: one must optimize even Google ADS campaigns geographically to be able to intercept potential customers closest to your business.

Another possibility is to make sure that one’s psychology study is present in those web portals (directories) created to organize local themed activities and thus help those looking for a specific activity in a specific territory to find the best solution for its needs.

3 – Content Marketing

Content Marketing is essential for those with a psychology studio as the area in which it operates is not always well understood by people. Therefore, it is necessary to explain well to potential clients/patients the psychologist’s role, the specific topics addressed, and the benefits that this work can bring.

The blog with SEO-optimized content is the most useful Content Marketing tool to get closer to your target audience and decrease the distrust inherent in new potential clients of a psychology studio. Furthermore, providing a free first session can help overcome the reluctance of even the most skeptical.

4 – Social Media Marketing

Choosing the right social network to promote your business is essential for a psychologist who intends to exploit social media marketing’s advantages. Each social platform has its own specific characteristics, and based on them, and where their potential patients spend more time, the right one / the right ones must be chosen.

The Facebook page must be clear, interesting, and professional: inside, it is possible to do personal branding and maintain a closer relationship with your real and potential customers by answering doubts and questions, sharing the blog’s insights, and proposing special offers.

Maintaining a professional image is essential on Linkedin, which can prove to be very useful for a psychologist who wants to increase Brand Awareness and Brand Reputation by accrediting himself within a community as the psychology expert he can rely on in case of need.

Furthermore, the potential of Instagram for psychologists should not be underestimated: on this channel, promotion should be more linked to the visual sphere and consistent with the playful and youthful aspect of the social network.

5 – Monitor the results

Even the best web marketing tips for psychologists can be useless if a decisive phase is underestimated, relating to monitoring and analyzing results. Periodically checking if your efforts and investments prove effective allows you to intervene to correct them and, if necessary, dedicate those to others.

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