Why writing is good for you?

Why writing is good for you? There are enormous benefits of writing, and we will discuss them in this article. It is a way to exercise your mind, use your critical thinking skills and get in touch with your creative side. But let’s take a look at the deeper reason why writing is good for you. If you have ever sat down and stared at a piece of paper, you will have noticed that each word has a meaning, an opinion, and a story associated with it. Each word is an opinion about the world and your own experience in it.

What is writing?

Writing is about grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and writing about whatever you feel inside you. So, it is a way of expressing yourself and your thoughts on a particular topic. If you don’t like what you are writing about or not relevant to your topic, it won’t interest you.

And writing forces you to think about things differently, like opening a channel through your mind to visualize things from a different perspective. When you sit down to write, you are looking at the big picture. It will help you solve problems differently from looking at them from an isolated point of view.

Reasons why writing is good?

To write something, you need inspiration because you are connected to something larger than yourself. It is one of the great benefits of writing. So, for writing, you need to be creative at it to fulfill your desires through writing.

Creative writing has proved, according to researchers, that it has positive effects on health and self-esteem.

  • While writing enhances your brain activity which is the same as the way meditation works.
  • Writing improves your powers for observing things, giving you a chance to look at the bigger picture of life.
  • Writing enhances your levels of concentration and attention to detail.
  • Through writing, we preserve the stories and memories of our life that might have lost otherwise.
  • Writing with humor entertains you and others, and laughter is an essential part of good health.
  • Wounds on the body can be healed using ointment and medicine, but how about inner wounds? Writing helps to heal wounds and grief to clear them out from your inside.

Psychological benefits of writing.

Having a habit of writing helps a lot in terms of psychological ways. Let’s look at the benefits of writing.

Writing gives you happiness.

Expressive writing is the way to put anything you think or feel into paper or on a keyboard helps you express yourself to others and make you happy from the inside because what you can’t speak through words can be expressed through words on the paper. Even Expressive blogging is the new trend to do it online to express yourself on the internet.

Writing enhances your thinking and communication.

When you write, it uses your creativity and lets you think about it first before writing something, which increases your thinking capacity of the brain. You get a better understanding of communicating and connecting to others through words.

Writing keeps your mind shape as you age.

Writing is a type of exercise to your brain, and like physical exercise, it helps you to be in shape” as you age. It helps you let your brain function regularly by thinking and keeps the mental rust to lose creativity disappear.

Writing leads to a better learner.

Suppose you are writing around a specific topic for a particular period. It will allow you to build off older thoughts and let you develop ideas to go further with the topic and by which I mean starting from an article to series of articles and leading to a book.

Expressing emotions through words may increase the speed of inner healing wounds.

Writing on a piece of paper after a disastrous event can help you feel good and make inner wounds heal faster than usual, as it takes a lot of time for the inner wounds to heal compared to physical wounds.


So, we have discussed a lot about the benefits of writing for you. And, if you’re interested in why writing is right for you, remember that each time you write, you’re developing a better understanding of yourself and your world. You’re exploring new interests, you’re developing a better understanding of the world around you, and you’re exploring new ways of looking at problems. Because of this, you’re generally more motivated to write. It can lead to much better success in your field and a more significant number of creatively satisfying projects.

However, writing isn’t the end of the line. Just because you’re writing something, every day doesn’t mean you’re finished with it. It would be best if you always were writing, and it makes you explore new ideas.

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