Why Am I Bad At Writing?

If you have difficulty writing, you are not alone; many people struggle the same way as you do. Writing is an art and an important skill to have as well. Even in the era of digitisation, writing is an important skill as no robot can do this for you. However, it is not a piece of cake for many. You may speak your language very well, but you might find writing difficult. But why? 

Reasons for bad writing skills

  • Lack of confidence: You need to improve your writing confidence and be sure that you can make the best out of what you do have.
  • Lack of motivation: Most people are not motivated enough to write and don’t even try to do anything about it. They sit back and watch the ball roll down the court. If you want to have this important skill, you need to take action and get into practice. Write consistently and see improvement.

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  • Time constraints: Writing requires enough time. It requires you to focus on you thoughts and organize them properly, it requires you to approac same thing from different aspects, and expressive yourself creatively also takes time. In the modern world, people are more busy that even before. Everybody has to reach a destination and nobody has time for the present moment.
  • Poor time management: You must understand that one of the reasons why you cannot succeed in writing is not necessarily that you are too busy, but it may be just that you never tried to manage your time. Getting started is the best way to tackle such problems. Try to determine how much time you can allocate for your writing projects. Once you know how much time you can set aside for your writing endeavors, you can start setting a schedule and work your way up.
  • I do not know if I am a good writer: The best way to see if you are a good writer is to sit down and start writing. See how the words flow out. Once you have found a rhythm, you should notice a significant improvement in your writing.
  • I do not have much motivation: If you do not have much motivation, you may feel like you cannot write. Motivate yourself to write. The best way is again to get started. Push yourself on some days in the beginning. Gradually as you start doing it, you will like it and the motivatin will automatically come.
  • I do not like changes: Doing anything important in life requires you to make difficult decisions and many of them may change your life in a big way. If you do not like changes, you will get nowhere in life. To become motivated to make changes, you need to start by making small ones. If you only have minor changes, you should notice a significant improvement.
  • I am not good at planning: If you do not like planning, you might find it hard to start writing. A great way to become better at planning is to put your thoughts on paper. It helps you to focus better and organize your thoughts better as well eventually leading to a good plan.

Things to avoid

If you are willing to write nicely, you should avoid these reasons to overcome your bad writing.

  • You don’t hold any opinion about any topic. To be good at writing, you need to think and avoid playing it neutral. It should have more meaning for you than being vague or convoluted.
  • Don’t overthink before writing anything. Overthinking can downfall your creativity and ultimately leads to bad writing.
  • Don’t use many technical words and make it complicated in your article. Keep it simple and understandable for any layaman.
  • Check for grammatical errors in the article. It is one of the biggest mistakes made by writers to not check for grammar. Grammatical errors can leave bad impression on the readers.

These are what you can work on them to emerge as a good writer. In the beginning, don’t think too much and just start writing about anything that comes to your mind. You should see significant improvement in days to come if you maintain it as a habit.

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