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Why Are YouTube Comments So Bad?

You might have seen a lot of comments in the videos online and might think, “Why are YouTube comments so bad?”, 

Although you could implement features for YouTube that would improve its comment section, it will never change the fact that most people there are either looking to spread hatred through such platforms.

There might be a few factors: low IQ, trolls, pseudo-intellectualism, mental health problems, etc., which can be why people put nasty comments on youtube. You might see people arguing with each other endlessly, with both of them being so convinced of their point that the idea of a rational conversation is nowhere present in comments on YouTube. 

Some of them feel entirely justified to behave in such a manner and to troll each other. Such a person can sound very smart, educated and intelligent, but in reality, it could be someone who couldn’t hold a sensible conversation for five straight minutes. Some trolls can be bumped out; some trolls will engage with you for a while; some trolls will never, ever let go and will debate you as long as you keep replying, regardless of any context or meaning. Some of them are perfectly fine with spending 12–14 hours in front of the screen and engaging in comment wars, wasting all their time for such petty reasons.

Also, you will frequently see comments with language that will make you wonder whether the user understands what he’s saying. Yet, you might see quite a few likes on the comment because other people who are equally absent-minded will upvote it just because it sounds fun and maybe smart in their point of view.

At some times, such irrational comment threads may get popular with many people engaging and may help you garner a few extra video views, this is certainly not worth it for your stress about the horrible comments left on your video. It is especially true when the comments are critical of your video. There is no recourse for correcting the misinformation or false information that is being spread across the internet. While a few people may look at this and think that it is a little extreme to complain about the number of YouTube video views, you should realize that these are precisely the reasons why you should avoid leaving nasty comments on anyone’s video.

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